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Social Security Maximization Planning

Social Security represents a stable source of retirement income and is a critical component of any individual's retirement plan. Because of Social Security’s lifetime payments, it is far more valuable than many people realize.

The calculation of Social Security benefits is complicated; therefore, it pays to get assistance from a seasoned, certified professional that is well-versed with Social Security. The advisors at West Financial Group are NSSA® certified and experienced to assist you in determining which Social Security claiming strategy is best for you and your situation. We can also help you to address common questions such as these and many others:

  1. Is it possible for a spouse to collect benefits on his/her own work record at age 62 and then switch to a higher spousal benefit at age 66?
  2. If a married person waits to collect benefits at age 70, can he/she collect benefits on their spouse's earnings record before then?
  3. Will my ex-spouse who claims his/her spousal benefit on my work record affect my current spousal benefit?
  4. Can legitimate tax write-offs be used against any Social Security income that is deemed to be taxable?
  5. What if you were a government employee, who didn't pay into Social Security?
  6. Can a divorced spouse choose amongst multiple ex-spouses as to which work record to claim spousal benefits?
  7. If a spouse starts collecting benefits on his/her own work record at 62, will it negatively impact the spousal benefit at age 66?
  8. Will the widow’s benefit continue if I remarry?
  9. Do I have to take Social Security once I retire?
  10. How does the Annual Earnings Test affect me if I want to continue working?

With so much at stake, when and how to elect Social Security benefits may be one of the most important decisions a couple or individual makes in retirement. We will help you to learn more about your specific Social Security claiming strategy choices and properly plan around them. In addition, we assist you with leveraging opportunities to collect your benefits in the most tax efficient manner.