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FAQ - General

What distinguishes you from other professional advisors?

Many advisors focus on products rather than the big picture and never give a thought to how it affects your overall planning. West Financial Group, Inc will work together with you to help discover which financial areas may need attention, what rate of return you must achieve to avoid running out of money and how to invest and protect your funds in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Our staff continuously educates themselves in the ever-changing world of IRAs and taxes, which is a big part of many retiring clients’ portfolios. West Financial Group, Inc prides itself on a strong personal relationship with clients and a complete and proactive dedication to their best interests.

I am already retired and already did my planning. Why should I consider making changes now?

If you are over 60 years of age, your plan needs to be reviewed frequently. One bad year in the stock market could ruin your income stream. A long-term illness could wipe out your assets. This is the time for you to seek a 2nd opinion on your plan to ensure you’re on the right track. West Financial Group, Inc might have an idea you and your current advisor never thought of or discussed.

Why is my existing broker trying to talk me out of this?

Some advisors are not going to agree with our recommendations because, in doing so, they would have to admit that their recommendations were substandard or possibly inappropriate. All financial firms make every effort to conserve your business because, once the asset is transferred, the advisor and firm no longer generate income from this asset. Most advisors cannot sell indexed annuities. These annuities are offered by insurance companies; therefore, advisors will not present this valuable retirement tool to consumers.

Is diversification the key to safety?

Investors have been repeatedly told that diversification is the key. Although diversification may assist in reducing the risk of loss, it is not a "foolproof" plan to safety. Diversification doesn't always work. Investors are encouraged to appropriate a portion of their portfolio to annuities and other appropriate investments that are not directly linked to the stock market.

Source: Plan carefully to make sure your 401(k) doesn't flounder

By: Lisa Smith