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Disability Insurance or Income Protection

Is your paycheck protected?

Simply put, individual disability insurance protects your income. An individual DI policy pays a percentage of your salary, according to policy guidelines, if you become disabled. Disability insurance policies are customized to meet your needs. You choose:

  • The amount of coverage (The percentage of your income that the policy will pay)
  • The length of coverage (How long benefits will continue)
  • The elimination (waiting) period (How soon benefits will start)

This coverage is essential if your employer does not offer disability insurance. Employer-provided plans are often limited and usually do not transfer with you when you change jobs. Therefore, it is smart to secure individual protection to supplement any coverage that you receive at work. Did you know...

  • 1 out of 8 people suffer a disability each year?
  • Disability is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy and foreclosure?
  • 75% of disabilities are caused by illnesses, such as cancer or heart disease, rather than accidents?
  • You cannot afford to go without paycheck protection, call us today for a free disability insurance quote